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My Services:

Individual Therapy
Individual sessions allow for an opportunity to work intensively on the various issues that bring them to treatment. Sessions typically take place two to eight times a month, depending on the needs of the client. This is typically the best treatment when working with depression, anxiety, fear and emotional distress. It is also an excellent option for those who are interested in self exploration and greater understanding of their motivations.

Couples' Therapy
Couples' treatment is one option when working on relationship issues or when seeking to deepen a relationship with a partner, spouse, or family member. Attending therapy together can allow for a safe place to explore the topics that arise within a relationship, and can help people learn how to communicate with each other in a constructive, non-threatening manner. It should be noted that not all couples are suited for treatment together at first; it may be recommended that people attend individual treatment initially, or at the same time as attending joint sessions. Couples' therapy may also be recommended for parents who have a child in treatment.

Family Therapy
Family relationships and dynamics can be severely affected by the issues of one or several members of the family. Attending therapy as a family unit can help everyone to work with the period of transition that can come with a life change, an illness, or a trauma.

Group Therapy
Working in a group can provide people with an opportunity for developing social skills, communication skill, and support. Currently, a therapeutic group is being held on Monday evenings. Opportunities for other groups are open; please contact me if you are interested in a specific topic, or a general support/talk group.

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