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Leah AlexanderMy Beliefs:

Early in life, a sense of genuine curiosity and a desire to understand the feelings, attitudes and motivations of others led me to the study of psychoanalysis. I believe that our nature and experiences form beliefs and responses in our present life, and an understanding of these two factors can help us to develop deeper relationships, become more aware of our true desires, and to gain a stronger sense of life satisfaction. My intensive training experience has provided me with a unique ability to support my patients through deep self exploration and growth. 

My primary approach to treatment is to encourage patients to talk openly and freely, without censorship, about their ideas and feelings. Through open discussion and free association, new ideas and questions form which allow for the ability to look at things through new eyes, and to have a different perspective. Imagine having new options and choices open up to you on a regular basis!  The possibility for growth and healing is tremendous.

In addition to my analytic study, I actively pursue education in nutrition and holistic treatments. It is my feeling that the body, mind and spirit are closely linked. I maintain a network of highly specialized and talented practitioners and am willing to make referrals when a patient and I agree that additional work will be beneficial.

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